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Yellow Barn Farm

Yellow Barn Farm, located on Allens' Farm historic 100-acre property, is an iconic landmark just outside of North Boulder. 


The Historic Yellow Barn

​Allen’s Farm was originally an international equestrian center operating as a large-scale event and boarding facility with over 50 horses and 100 riders. The family has since chosen to revitalize this land for low-scale, high-quality food production, community building, and sustainability education.

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The Process

With the desire to demonstrate innovative regenerative techniques, the Yellow Barn Farm has partnered with DAR at Allen's Farm to begin the implementation of new agriculture systems. Site Assessment revealed many unique opportunities that were fleshed out in the first stages of design.

The Land Today

With a completed Master Plan, the guiding design document, DAR has continued to refine some of the initial farming systems, including the market garden fields, future animal rotation/market garden areas, windbreak and hedge rows and Silvopasture System. The team was able to plant over 3,500 trees in the course or 2 days with 175 volunteers for their first Carbon Sequestration Celebration.

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