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Our mission is to restore the Earth and our communities through Regenerative Design.

  • Cutting edge strategies that effectively distribute water - balancing moisture conditions and moving water to where it is most needed 

  • Strategies that increase water storage in the soil, build vegetation and carbon capture potential


Water Management

  • These terra-forming and earth moving strategies rapidly develop the landscape and accelerate the succession of ecosystems

  • Contour earthworks, ponds and water storage, roads and access, etc



  • Designing systems that work with nature rather than against - harmonizing with the inherent power of natural systems to create abundance.

  • By gathering a holistic understanding of an environment by thorough assessment, we design systems that meet goals in an ecologically resilient manner.

Ecological Design

  • Thoughtful planning and rotations of diverse livestock to accomplish ecological goals:

  • Practices that build soil, direct ecological development, and sequester carbon


Intensive Animal Management

Regenerative Design

Industrial Culture has created excessive waste, degraded landscapes, and damaged communities that lack interconnectedness, fulfillment, and meaningful relationships with the natural world. We believe that by working in harmony with nature’s patterns, we can rebuild our world.

Our vision is to transform dry, abandoned, and marginalized landscapes into lush ecosystems where humans, animals, and spirit can thrive. Through regenerating the land, we are restoring the health of our community.

DAR is firmly grounded in regenerative lifestyle and rooted deeply in earth-based livelihood, linking a team of regenerative land designers and social systems thinkers dedicated to revisioning all aspects of culture – land management, commerce, food systems, and community – for the purpose of dismantling culturally oppressive systems and rediscovering equality and harmony on Earth.


  • Healthy forests, grasslands, pastures, and other ecosystems naturally sink carbon from the atmosphere. Our research is developing strategies to greatly accelerate these processes that are reversing the damage of industrial society.


Carbon Sequestration


  • The health of the soil is a direct representation of the health of an ecosystem. By understanding practices that build soil quality, microbial and fungal life, and nutrient cycling, we can develop stewardship practices that support live

Soil Health

  • Perennial plants continue to grow year after year. Trees, shrubs, and other plants that produce food for humans and animals create abundance by minimizing work. 

  • Breeding drought tolerant and regionally adapted perennial crops strengthens our ability to cultivate a wholesome relationship with our environments.


Perennial Planting

  • Testing bio-regional and traditional grain crops in low water conditions

  • Developing crops that are low input and support a rich regional food culture


Grain Trials

Drylands Agroecology Research is a 501c3 non-profit working on the ground and in our communities to develop systems that revitalize land and all those that relate with it.


Studying design methodology, ancient and innovative farming practices, and holistic animal management, we are developing new approaches to land stewardship.


By partnering with land stewards, we are consulting with others to implement these regenerative techniques. We aim to share this research with our communities and promote the widespread adoption of regenerative agriculture. As we continue to restore the land, we are developing programs that regenerate the cultural systems that we are a part of.


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