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Metacarbon Organic Farm

MetaCarbon Organic Farms started as a vision among friends revolving around the concept of communal, regenerative farming that brings together like-minded individuals on the Front Range of Colorado and beyond. 


Metacarbon Organic Farm

Through the production of regeneratively grown vegetables, hemp and other agricultural products, Metacarbon aims to change the face of modern agriculture — one tomato at a time. Seeking to become a premier location for food production, education, on-site and off-site events (weddings, conferences, retreats), their unique approach to sales and distribution utilizes IT infrastructure and communal groups to push humanity collectively toward a brighter future.


The Process

Metacarbon Organic Farm is a developing regenerative farming project less than 1 mile from DAR's pilot research project, Elk Run. With 1 acres of vegetable production and 2 acres of hemp already in cultivation, Metacarbon is excited to expand towards agroforestry systems, incorporating livestock systems, and building out ecosystem structures like windbreaks and hedge rows.

The Land Today

After performing Site A&A, many patterns of natural resource flow have been mapped. A contour silvopasture system was designed by DAR to meet the goals of increasing livestock management systems on the front 20 acres.