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Our 4-day per week Young Children Folk Farm class offers an Earth-based, place-based learning experience for young children ages 2.5 - 6 years. In the ritual of our day we have an opening and closing circle, these are whole group moments where we raise the expectation for all the children to be present in our community. Outside of these times and moments where we nourish in snack and lunch, we let the Earth and children guide us.

The aim is to foster rich learning experiences, ecological literacy, and healthy living by connecting children to nature. This process is robust with thoughtful curricular provocations that are planned weekly by all teachers. Children are given the freedom, so long as they remain respectful of keeping themselves, their friends and the environment safe, to explore the land and lead the adults that hold the container of curiosity and critical thinking around them. Many character building themes arrive on a day-to-day rhythm, like confidence building, practicing mindful social skills, self-awareness, and more.

Building resiliency has proven to be the most consistent theme in our program, which we believe is a fundamental life skill that our children will carry forever.

Families can register for our 2 Day Class offered on Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, our 3 Day Class offered Tuesday-Thursday, or our 4 day class offered Monday-Thursday. Available options are contingent upon registration numbers that uphold a 1:5 teacher to student ratio.

The Early Childhood Education program is hosted by Elk Run Farm.

The first step in our registration process is booking a call with Folk Farm School's Director, Jessica Walters.

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Our Teachers


What is your student to teacher ratio?

Our student to teacher ratio for the Young Child program is 1 to 5.

How do you ensure every students safety on the land?

Educators are expected to hold a sacred container of safety around the freedom we offer in a child-led nature based program. This means we trust the children to hold their respect for self, others and environment first, allowing their capabilities to shine and helping them develop self confidence and efficacy. This looks like always keeping children in line of site and paying close attention to each student to ensure safety boundaries are held. Every teacher has a first aid kit and student emergency information accessible at all times. All staff maintain CPR, Basic Life Support, and Preventing Child Sexual Assault certifications.

How do you handle conflict resolution?

Whenever harm is caused, and usually accidentally, we ask the children to move through our check in. This looks like the friend who caused the harm saying “are you ok?” to the friend that feels harmed. If the friend receiving those words replies, “yes I’m ok” then the moment can be over and moved through. If the friend replies “I’m not ok”, then the expectation is that the other friend will ask “what can I do to help?” Varying degrees of scaffolding can be used here, if the students are older often they will bring suggestions in themselves “is there anything I can do? Can I help you rebuild what I broke?” If we’re facilitating this with younger children, we may have to add “can this friend give you some kind words, a hug or space?” Usually children ask for space after a situation where they feel wronged. If the conflict was accidental, we are sure to enhance the dialogue as necessary to communicate the impact of our actions when not in a space of noticing, and the impact of our reactions when not in a space of wondering.