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The Roots Network funds regenerative design projects that reverse climate change and enrich communities. Our projects include tree plantings, soil building, water-saving earth works, and building reparations with those who tended land before us.

Join our community of monthly donors bringing regenerative design projects to lands and communities in need. Drylands Agroecology Research is a 501(c)(3) organization. All financial statements are available upon request.

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We are glad you're here. Let's make ripples of positive change together!

DAR's regenerative land model offers a beacon of hope for creating resilience and thriving land systems on drylands locally and nationwide. 


Our land and communities need healing.

Conventional agriculture & industry is polluting land, air, & water and causing excessive waste. As if that wasn't harmful enough, the food deserts created by conventional practices perpetuate marginalized communities.

The conventional systems were designed to take.


Our systems and techniques that we teach & implement here at DAR are designed to give. To give to the land and to reignite the wisdom of the cultures whose ecological practices were always in harmony with nature. 


It's called "regenerative design" for a reason!


You belong here.

— Alex

"Giving to The Roots Network is game-changing. We are literally on the frontier of a happier and healthier way. I know my monthly donation is a drop in the bucket, but that's the only way the bucket ever gets filled. With a whole lot of drops."

This epic community is made up of generous, thoughtful, and passionate people like you. They're the game changers and history makers. The ones who are determined to leave this world a whole lot better than they found it.

We prove everything first on our test site.

We test and refine our large-scale regenerative design techniques & waterless systems on our pilot site Elk Run Farm first. Then we train farmers, communities, and families how to do the same. This work isn't theoretical. This is hands-in-the-soil innovation, cultural revival, and climate-change reversal. 

260% increase in
soil carbon

450% increase in soil microbiology levels

established 2,000+ trees without irrigation or supplemental water

planted over 15,000 trees (sunk 2,100 tons of carbon to date approx.)

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