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Cultural Advocacy

The health of our communities rests on the health of our lands 

and it must be brought to light that marginalized communities disproportionately occupy our most degraded landscapes. DAR collaborates with Indigenous-lead organizations and BIPOC communities to uplift and recreate a land-based culture grounded in Indigenous wisdom.


Harvest of All First Nations


Harvest of All First Nations is an Indigenous-led organization that serves primarily BIPOC and underserved communities through education, ancestral healing practices, and reclamation of Indigenous Knowledge and lifeways. Their goal is to achieve reciprocal relationships between people and all living relatives of Turtle Island and Condor Nations, through a strong lens of eco-feminism and rematriation.

In 2022, DAR is partnering with HAFN to pilot an Indigenous Foods Garden and Fall Festival at Yellow Barn Farm.

Spirit of the Sun Logo.png

Spirit of the Sun

Spirit of the Sun’s mission is to work in partnership with Native American communities in urban areas and on reservations to support today's youth to become the next generation of Native leaders, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals who will help guide their communities toward wellness, prosperity, and cultural revitalization.

Through a partnership with Spirit of the Sun, DAR provides CSA shares to Indigenous elders in the community.

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Wind River Reservation.jpg

Wind River Reservation

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Wyoming’s Wind River Country is home to the seventh largest Indian reservation in the country. Encompassing more than 2.2 million acres, the Wind River Indian Reservation is home to the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho tribes.

DAR is supporting a food sovereignty project with Shoshone Tribal Members on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.


Postpartum Care Project

The Community Roots Midwife Collective is a team of dedicated, passionate midwives and reproductive health practitioners working to create a self-sustaining healthcare organization that provides homebirth options and reproductive health care to ALL, regardless of financial position.

Closing of the Bones.JPG

DAR is partnering with the Community Roots Midwife Collective to host traditional Closing of the Bones ceremonies to support the healthy transition into motherhood.


A Personal Share From Our Cultural Liason

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Andrea Nawage

My name is Andrea Yoloteotl Chalchihuitl, I have the honor to carry fire from my Aztec Culture, for more than two decades and an Aztec Dancer. Along the way, I have been able to conduct and guide women’s circles and ceremonies as well as participated at the Moon Dance ceremony for nonconsecutive 7 years. I am honored to have had the opportunity of receiving and carrying sacred water from the Hopi Nations. My way of life and prayers has given me the opportunity to represent POC and marginalized communities in several committees within the City of Boulder government. Thus, I am currently collaborating with environmental and social justice organizations which focus on reclaiming rights of nature and women communities. I am the Founder of Harvest of All First Nations, and current student at Naropa University to complete my Environmental Studies degree and look forward to further my education with a Masters or PHD towards Indigenous Studies. I firmly believe that by healing women, we can heal the Earth to make a better place for all future generations.

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