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Regenerative Design.
Cultural Pollination.

Our vision is to transform dry, abandoned, and marginalized landscapes ​into lush ecosystems ​where humans, animals and spirit can thrive.


gallons of water conserved


tons of carbon sequestered


total trees planted


Earth for us to restore

Drylands Agroecology


Our Mission is to Restore the Earth and
ur Communities through Regenerative Design.

D.A.R is a 501c(3) non-profit with its headquarters in Longmont, CO.


Upcoming Events

Check out all of our upcoming and reoccurring events. From Farm Hops, Workshops, Live Music and Farm to Table delights, there are many upcoming opportunities to engage with us.



There are many ways to engage and learn with us. From volunteer projects, educational workshops, research engagements, and fundraising, we are always looking for more brainpower to help regenerate this precious Mother Earth. 

Steward Partnerships (Regenerative Design Clients)

We partner with land stewards and organizations to build regenerative land and human systems. Explore our past and current projects.

Meet The Team

Our team is dedicated to encourage regenerative earth practices, cross cultural pollination and research, as we have hope for an abundant and carbon rich future. 

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“These young Colorado farmers are changing
​the future of agriculture.”

— 5280 Denver’s Mile High Magazine

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Annual Report 2022

Read our impact report on the 2022 year. We would not be here

without our community's support. We thank you for your belief, donations, and encouragement in these formative years.

We commit to respecting and valuing the diversity of all living beings in our ecosystem, human or otherwise. We respect all peoples regardless of heritage, race, sexual orientation, gender, age, experience, spiritual belief, or political leaning. We likewise commit to treating each individual as an individual with their own stories, perspective, traumas, gifts, and passions, and not as a representative of any of the above categories. We welcome all who wish to walk with us in creating a Way of Being that aligns with nature's patterns and wisdom, in service of creating a future of abundance and opportunity for all.

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