Fundraiser for a Fertile Future

Come celebrate at our annual Fundraiser for a Fertile Future at Elk Run Farm! We're serving a formal dinner with food directly from the garden along with cocktails and mocktails. We'll debut a short DAR film and have live music into the night! You'll also have an opportunity to contribute to a fertile future.

Schedule for Saturday September 9th

 Cocktail Hour & Silent Auction

Find yourself the perfect sip at the Elk Run bar and wander through the farm's picturesque landscape adorned with the full summer bounty.
Farm-to-Table Feast

A communal feast is prepared, showcasing seasonal dishes crafted from the farm's produce and local ingredients. In DAR fashion, this event emphasizes the importance of regenerative, locally sourced food and fosters conversations around food security.

Our Shoshone relatives from Wind River reservation will offer a prayer in song in the language of these lands.  

Short Film Screening 
 Award Winning film maker, Justin Bogardus of Nature Rx will share a taste of where DAR has been and where we are going. 


Sharing from DAR & an Opportunity to Contribute
The event includes a paddle raiser focused on DAR's ability to scale within regenerative design and our training program. Attendees are encouraged to make donations, pledge ongoing support, or sponsor specific farm programs.

Live Music from ZiMbira

Closing and Good Night!   


  DAR is proud to offer a place for families, brought to you by Elk Run’s Folk Farm School, an alternative educational opportunity for the youth of Boulder County. Bring your kids! Just let us know that you are planning to do so by emailing Education@dar.eco. 

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